Jim’s Challenger with Katherine & Shelby

While working on the Autos & Models Calendar, I realized I needed a few more models to complete the year. I made a post fishing for models and rides to complete the calendar. I set up a shoot with Jim’s Challenger SRT8, model Katherine Kaye and a few other models and cars at Imperial Collision.

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This series of photos from the Autos & Models set features another Dodge Challenger. Although this Challenger is white as well, it has a much different look to it.  Savanna’s black and red lingerie coordinated amazingly with Jim’s SRT8.  The red calipers helped bring in the color combo to this set, they looked great together. Who doesn’t like American beauty along side some American muscle? There’s still a few more coming from this set, so stay tuned for more!

Autos & Models : Dodge Challenger

Here’s set number 3, with model Savanna showing off Tracey’s Dodge Challenger. Savanna was wearing purple lingerie to match the purple stripes on the Challenger. I think the combo came out great. I also love the purple glow that shines through the headlights and front grilles, just a little extra purple for those night time viewing pleasures. Check out the set and stay tuned, there’s a few more sets coming soon…

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