Sharla STi’s Shoot Part II

To continue with our photo shoot, we set up another session set in the evening. The first part went pretty well, even though a few rides didn’t show up. However, the second set got off to a rocky start. I had two separate places available to use, but when I tried to actually use them for the shoot they were not available. Thankfully Jonathan from a previous shoot was able to get me in contact with Alex from Advance BMW Repair (ABR) and we were able to use his shop.

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Sharla STi’s Shoot Part I

Sharla STi is a model that is also into cars.  She has a Subaru STi for daily driving and has another that she is building for drag racing. I don’t remember when I first ran across Sharla STi’s profile or photos online, but I have been following her for a while now. I am pretty sure one of the car sites or car people I followed shared one of her pictures.  
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Andrew’s Del Sol Shoot with Ashley

When I first set up the Autos & Models photo shoot, I had several people inquire about having their rides in the shoot. Andrew was among those that was interested but wasn’t able to make the first one. Shortly after we set up another shoot with model Ashley along with his Honda Del Sol.  I have always liked the Del Sol, it was very close to being my first car but things changed.  I was looking forward to taking pictures with his, and we were able to use a friend’s shop Dip-Tex.  The shoot came out great and I think Andrew’s Del Sol and Ashley went well together.
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AUTOS & MODELS SHOOT : CHEVY Corvette Stingray

The final photo set from the Autos & Models session is Anna’s Chevy Corvette Stingray C7.  It’s a fairly new vehicle that recently made its way to the streets. I have seen these at local meets, but this was my first time up close and personal with it. Savanna in her black lingerie went well with the white stingray, they made some great work together.  I had lots of fun through this photo shoot and Imperial collision was a great host for these sessions.

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This set features Fernando’s Chevy Camaro with both Kendra and Savanna.  Both ladies paired black clothing with the lovely Inferno Orange color of the Camaro. The interior is also Inferno Orange with black.  The rear of the Camaro has a simple touch of carbon fiber with the spoiler and a nice set of Rohana wheels, which photographed elegantly. Overall it was another great set, one more coming soon…

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This series of photos from the Autos & Models set features another Dodge Challenger. Although this Challenger is white as well, it has a much different look to it.  Savanna’s black and red lingerie coordinated amazingly with Jim’s SRT8.  The red calipers helped bring in the color combo to this set, they looked great together. Who doesn’t like American beauty along side some American muscle? There’s still a few more coming from this set, so stay tuned for more!

Autos & Models : Dodge Challenger

Here’s set number 3, with model Savanna showing off Tracey’s Dodge Challenger. Savanna was wearing purple lingerie to match the purple stripes on the Challenger. I think the combo came out great. I also love the purple glow that shines through the headlights and front grilles, just a little extra purple for those night time viewing pleasures. Check out the set and stay tuned, there’s a few more sets coming soon…

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Clarity Auto Detailing Part 1

Looking for a place to take your ride to for a great detail? I decided to headed over to Clarity Auto Detailing to see what they had going on at their new shop. While I was there I was able to observe a Lamborghini Gallardo getting a detail.  I have to say that Clarity is not just a basic car wash either. They took their time and washed the car starting with the wheels. Then they used a full set of brushes and tools to make sure every inch of the wheels are clean. Then they thoroughly washed the rest of the cars exterior and followed the wash with claying. This process took over an hour, and it was just the beginning. After the drying process the car was then moved into the shop for the next stage of the detailing.  If you would like to know what happened next, stay tuned for Part II…
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Autos & Models : Scion FRS

Set 2 from my recent Autos & Models photo shoot is Andrew’s Scion FR-S. I looked at the FR-S thoroughly when I was shopping for a new car. Andrew happened to get the exact color and package I wanted. I ended up choosing a different make and model, but Andrew’s ride made me have second thoughts, especially with the lovely Savanna next to it. Andrew’s ride may not look like much now, but he wanted a few photos of the car’s current looks. In the future we will be meeting again to take more photos once it has been outfitted with some new parts. Till then, enjoy these photos!
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Autos & Models Shoot : BMW 335i

Recently I held an Autos & Models photo shoot with a few different rides here in Houston. I had the shoot set up at a local automotive shop, Imperial Collision that is one of the cleanest shops I have been to. Six people signed up for the shoot, each with their own car. The first completed mini shoot is Jonathan’s BMW 335i with models Kendra and Savanna.  Johnathan’s white bimmer is very clean, with a few touches of carbon fiber. This was my first time working with Savanna, she was amazing and it was such a pleasure working with her. I have shot with Kendra a few times before and as always, we made some great photos.
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