Autos & Model Shoot 2 – Yvonne Van

This Autos & Models Mini session ended up being a little different from the first. Model Savanna Little returned to model and secured the location for the shoot. We were joined by the gorgeous model Yvonne Van for the evening, who took part in quite a few sessions.

The original shop location wasn’t able to confirm a date and time with us in time, so we had to look for another one. We ended up shooting at Delivery Detail located in Spring. Since the shop was just opening up, we decided to throw a semi-grand opening car meet with the photo shoot. In less than a week’s notice, word got out about the event.

The meet started off good, there were cars arriving while I was setting up. By the time I finished setting up; the strip was filling up nicely. Over100 cars made it to the event. As soon as I started shooting, I didn’t stop until the meet was over.

With these sessions I offer few different packages for these sessions, with a different amount of photos in each package. I send proofs to the ride owners and let them choose their favorites out of the set based on their package. It wasn’t advertised before had, but the 2-photo package became quite popular for those who wanted a few photos without getting the full set. Savanna Came up with that package deal.

This was my first time working with Yvonne, I have been checking out her work and she expressed that she wanted to work with me. We tried to do an Autos & Models session before, but were unable to get it going. Each model works a little different, so it’s always a learning experience to figure out how we work best with each other. Overall, I think we were able to make some great photos together. There’s still more to come, next set will be the photos with Savanna, so stay tuned!

Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;
Jake’s Scion Tc

Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;

Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;
Andrew’s Honda Del Sol

Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;

Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;
Jay’s Subaru BRZ
Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;
Michael’s Scion FRS
Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;
Derik’s Scion FRS
Advent Works: Autos & Models Shoot 2 &emdash;
Henry’s Honda Civic

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Stay tuned for part two with Savanna Little. Thanks to every one who was a part of this, and Delivery Detail for allowing us to be there for this shoot!

Delivery Detail : Website | Facebook Page

Model Yvonne Van : Facebook Page


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